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Welcome. Here are some stories. And some other things, here and there, but I'll bet you're here for the stories. There are also lots more stories here,  mostly responses to writing prompts on Reddit. All the stories on this site so far take place in a world called Solace. There's a  map  and a glossary in the sidebar. Hope you find them helpful. The stories are presented in tiers called "series." Read everything in a series and you should have the background you need to move on to the next one. Or don't, if you don't mind confusion and/or spoilers. You can read what you like. I'm not about to stop you. This story is a good place to start. The First Series is right here.  I'll keep adding more stories. Let me know what you think.

News! Lots of news!

 It's been waaay too long since I last posted here. I've mostly been active over at  my personal subreddit  but I'm planning to update and improve this space as well now that my marketing push for the Second Edition of  Circle of Ash is in full swing. Said edition has a fancy new cover design:   ...along with an available hardcover: ...available at  Amazon . I'm hoping to give this new edition the marketing and publicity efforts I couldn't really when the first edition was published at the height of the pandemic, especially after a  favorable review from Kirkus. More news coming shortly!

2,300 members over at the subreddit!

About four months ago, I started a personal subforum (a "subreddit") on Reddit, mostly to collect stories I was writing for the r/WritingPrompts  subforum. It's grown in subscribers faster than I could ever have hoped, just recently passing 2300 members. Feel free to take a look, it's got more than 200 small stories and poems posted so far.

Windows in the Dark on Free Book Promotion for the Next Five Days Enjoy! And please leave a review letting me know what you thought.

New Short Story/Flash Fiction Anthology Published!

"Windows in the Dark," a collection of fifty-one short pieces, went live on Amazon this morning. Go ahead and take a look if you like, and by all means leave a review! Here are the links: United States United Kingdom India Canada Australia Germany For other countries, you should be able to find the book by either my name its title in the Amazon store. And thanks for being a reader! None of this would be worth it without you.

500 Subscribers Over at the Subreddit!

So the subreddit where I post all my Reddit-related fiction,  r/Magleby/ , just hit 500 subscribers earlier today. It's got a pretty good backlog of well over 100 stories and poems; probably closer to 120 at this point, with more on the way. Take a look, if you like, and let me know what you think. I'm currently gathering some of the best of those pieces into an anthology I'll be publishing on Amazon, and my judgement of what qualifies as "best" is heavily influenced by people's votes and comments in the subreddit. I'll also use them to decide what needs fleshing-out or extending (they'll all be edited, polished, and generally frowned-at regardless.) Thank you for reading!

Deep Cleanup

Hartford Village, Salía, The Caustlands, 344 SE I don't like the way the Abwarren just decides sometimes to make a new opening to the surface. It's unsettling — and poorly understood, which to my way of thinking is almost the same thing. A reasoning creature survives in the world by understanding it, so far as that's possible, so mystery presents the worst sort of danger: the kind you can't really prepare for. We do our best, though, we people, we Fallen. And when that fails? I show up. Well, not just me, it's usually four or five of us. For now I'm just one of the specialists, but I aim to make Team Chief sooner rather than later. Which means paying close attention when I'm on the job. Especially a job like this one. I stood over the body for a few moments, trying to take in as much as I could from that first angle, that initial impression, letting it soak into my roaming thoughts. And trying not to let too much of the smell soak into my nose. "

Nothing Taken

Pay attention. Yes, pay attention to what I'm going to tell you in this book, but also to everything else. Let your ears attend to every change in the wind, every draft in the ruin; let your eyes linger, really see, never let them assume. Because they'll want to, the lazy bastards. And your  mind is even worse, always taking shortcuts, deciding ahead of time how things will be, what they mean. If you don't step in to impose some serious discipline, you're going to have a really bad day. And adventurers who have a really bad day often don't ever get another. If they're lucky. There are much worse things than running out of days, let me tell you.      - Ajahn Taepanich,  Manual of Decent Chances: An Adventurer's Guide,   129 SE Garrison Outskirts, Embrace-of-Fire, The Abwaild, 347 SE She was on her way to ask Araceli a few more questions about the ruin when Brus stopped her. His pale face wore the "listen up, fledgling" look she'd come to d

The Black Fence

Nowhere, Salía, The Caustlands, 345 SE Airam Mazo was not a tall man, a fact which sometimes annoyed him, especially as a soldier. Today though, he was grateful. Standing as he was three ranks back in the formation, his view of the Black Fence was almost totally obscured by the taller soldiers in front of him. So he caught only glimpses of the glossy black stone, though he could see the whole of it by remembering the circle it formed on his map, how it curved in to enclose. But he should not see it, should not have made it, and they were standing so close, and they did not normally get this close to the Black Fence. It wasn't safe. It wasn't— infinite depths of waves beneath the all of things come see come look look OUTSIDE —wise. Or so they had all been told by the veterans of the Nowhere Watch. When a group of green soldiers arrived, though, they were brought here. And they were always green, untested, no matter their rank, no matter how crusty or combat-season