A Few Useful Definitions

All territory outside the Caustlands, apart from the territory of the Sovereign Nations to the northeast.
Inhabited by the Praedhc (also called Pelos, Antepas, Tuzhu, and Dezya in various other Fallen languages.)

The extensive system of tunnels and caverns beneath the surface.

Capital city of the Caustland State Salía.

One of the two major languages of Salía, the other being Gentic.

Ambérico term for the Praedhc (see also Pelos, Antepas, Tuzhu, Dezya)

Ashlit Mire
The embertree bog that lines the inner and outer banks of the Gyring Ash. Part of the Siinlan.

The northernmost Caustland State. Very linguistically diverse, though FusHa is the most widely spoken
language. Contains the Zulanar mountain range, which has some Praedhc tribes on its northern slopes.

A family of languages spoken mainly in Tenggara. While there is a "Standard Basa" in widespread use,
the individual "native" dialects vary in their mutual intelligibility.

Basa Mala
One of the major Basa dialects.

Basa Taga
Another of the Basa dialects.

The Black Fence
A ring of giant obsidian shards in Salía. Guarded by the Nowhere Watch.

Dissident sect of the Triune Path. One of the Sovereign Nation Compacts. Term themselves the "only
true Michyeros."

The Caustlands
The circular territory where most of the Fallen reside. Its borders are defined by the Siinlan, through
which the Gyring Ash flows. Contains the six Caustland States (Tenggara, Salía, Nainadion,
Aurarumad, Zhon Han, and the United Admiralty) whose own boundaries are defined by five major
rivers along with the Wave-Rest Berm (which forms a smaller circle in the center of the Caustlands.)

Capital city of Tenggara.

Dominant language of Zhon Han. Also highly influential in Tenggara.

Gentic term for a Caustland Crow. See also Corvaso.

The Deisiindr
Independent city-state located within the borders of Tenggara.

Ambérico term for a person who uses the Fathom for martial purposes. See also Haeliiy, Wira, Xiake.

Term used to describe the peoples, flora, and fauna of the Caustlands and Sovereign Nations.

The Fathom
Commonly conceived as a "layer" situated beneath ordinary reality, though this is a massive
oversimplification. Consciously accessible with training.

Ambérico term for a Caustland Cat. See also Pircaat, Lingmao.

The de facto lingua franca of the Caustlands, with a great many native speakers in Salía.

The Gyring Ash
Strange sludge-river that flows clockwise around the edge of the Caustlands, through the middle of the
Siinlan. Surrounded on both banks by the Ashlit Mire.

Gentic term for a person who uses the Fathom for martial purposes. See also Wira, Eychis, Xiake.

Term in Common for a Caustland Cat. Also used as a loanword in Basa. See also Pircaat, Gatoparlo.

Most widely-spoken language in Nainadion.

Follower of the Triune Path faith.

Protectorate of Tenggara located on the the northeast border.

The Nowhere Watch
Special detachment of the Salían Army tasked with guarding the Black Fence.

Basa term for the Praedhc. See also Antepas, Dezya,Tuzhu.

Gentic term for a Caustland Cat. See also Lingmao, Gatoparlo.

Gentic term for the peoples who inhabit the Abwaild. See also Antepas, Dezya, Pelos, Tuzhu.

The Presilyo Ri'Granha
Home of the Somonei warrior monks and nuns, run by the Triune Path religious sect.

Forbidden according to the Triune Path.

Southwestern Caustland State. Very diverse, but its most widely-spoken languages are Gentic and
Ambérico. Contains the Black Fence. Capital is Aldonza.

Gentic term for a person or thing related to the Sovereign Nations, e.g. "Saepi woman" or "Saepi territory."

Permitted within the Triune Path.

Warrior monks and nuns of the Triune Path. Based out of the Presilyo Ri'Granha, an island monastery
within the Mindao River that runs between Salía and Tenggara.

The Sovereign Nations
A confederation of Fallen separatist groups located outside the Caustlands, northeast across the Siinlan
from the United Admiralty.

Southeastern Caustland State. The various dialects of Basa are its predominant languages. The
Deisiindr, a large independent city-state, is located within its borders. Has a protectorate called Nikoka
along the eastern part of its border with the United Admiralty. Capital city is Cenicebu.

The Triune Path
Minority religious faith. Adherents are called "Michyeros." Found mostly in Salía, Tenggara, and Zhon
Han. Its dissident Carver sect forms one of the Sovereign Nations.

The United Admiralty
Easternmost Caustland State. Is bordered by the Sovereign Nations on the other side of the Siinlan.
Official State Language is Qhziic.

Basa term for a person who uses the Fathom for martial purposes. See also Haeliiy, Eychi, Xiake.

Term in Common for a person who uses the Fathom for martial purposes. See also Eychi, Haeliiy, Wira.

Zhon Han
Central Caustland State. Border defined by the Wave-Rest Berm, a huge circular ridge. The five major
Caustland rivers meet around the island on which the capital city Wu Jian is located.