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500 Subscribers Over at the Subreddit!

So the subreddit where I post all my Reddit-related fiction,  r/Magleby/ , just hit 500 subscribers earlier today. It's got a pretty good backlog of well over 100 stories and poems; probably closer to 120 at this point, with more on the way. Take a look, if you like, and let me know what you think. I'm currently gathering some of the best of those pieces into an anthology I'll be publishing on Amazon, and my judgement of what qualifies as "best" is heavily influenced by people's votes and comments in the subreddit. I'll also use them to decide what needs fleshing-out or extending (they'll all be edited, polished, and generally frowned-at regardless.) Thank you for reading!

Deep Cleanup

Hartford Village, Salía, The Caustlands, 344 SE I don't like the way the Abwarren just decides sometimes to make a new opening to the surface. It's unsettling — and poorly understood, which to my way of thinking is almost the same thing. A reasoning creature survives in the world by understanding it, so far as that's possible, so mystery presents the worst sort of danger: the kind you can't really prepare for. We do our best, though, we people, we Fallen. And when that fails? I show up. Well, not just me, it's usually four or five of us. For now I'm just one of the specialists, but I aim to make Team Chief sooner rather than later. Which means paying close attention when I'm on the job. Especially a job like this one. I stood over the body for a few moments, trying to take in as much as I could from that first angle, that initial impression, letting it soak into my roaming thoughts. And trying not to let too much of the smell soak into my nose. "