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Nothing Taken

Pay attention. Yes, pay attention to what I'm going to tell you in this book, but also to everything else. Let your ears attend to every change in the wind, every draft in the ruin; let your eyes linger, really see, never let them assume. Because they'll want to, the lazy bastards. And your  mind is even worse, always taking shortcuts, deciding ahead of time how things will be, what they mean. If you don't step in to impose some serious discipline, you're going to have a really bad day. And adventurers who have a really bad day often don't ever get another. If they're lucky. There are much worse things than running out of days, let me tell you.      - Ajahn Taepanich,  Manual of Decent Chances: An Adventurer's Guide,   129 SE Garrison Outskirts, Embrace-of-Fire, The Abwaild, 347 SE She was on her way to ask Araceli a few more questions about the ruin when Brus stopped her. His pale face wore the "listen up, fledgling" look she'd come to d