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The Black Fence

Nowhere, Salía, The Caustlands, 345 SE Airam Mazo was not a tall man, a fact which sometimes annoyed him, especially as a soldier. Today though, he was grateful. Standing as he was three ranks back in the formation, his view of the Black Fence was almost totally obscured by the taller soldiers in front of him. So he caught only glimpses of the glossy black stone, though he could see the whole of it by remembering the circle it formed on his map, how it curved in to enclose. But he should not see it, should not have made it, and they were standing so close, and they did not normally get this close to the Black Fence. It wasn't safe. It wasn't— infinite depths of waves beneath the all of things come see come look look OUTSIDE —wise. Or so they had all been told by the veterans of the Nowhere Watch. When a group of green soldiers arrived, though, they were brought here. And they were always green, untested, no matter their rank, no matter how crusty or combat-season